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Hyundai / Greenlight Marketing / iHeart Radio

Experiential Scavenger Hunt and Live Streamed Concert

For the launch of the Hyundai Tucson, handpicked super fans of Imagine Dragons were sent on a once in a lifetime scavenger hunt throughout Los Angeles.  Six mobile camera crews captured the fun as tickets were released on social media and iHeart Radio stations at every step of the way.  


For the amazing finale, fans were treated to an intimate secret acoustic Imagine Dragons show at the legendary Clifton’s Cafeteria, simultaneously broadcasted live to Times Square and streamed live through iHeart Radio’s stations and websites.  


Additional car, band, and radio talent footage was shot on other days.  A 100+ person crew in two cities brought this experience to life.

DU Key Grab 10.png
DU Key Grab 9.png
DU Key Grab 1.png
DU Key Grab 8.png
DU Key Grab 2.png
DU Key Grab 7.png
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