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DCC / CPP / U.S.  Department of State / The White House

Hybrid Events

and Broadcast

The 2021 Leaders Summit on Climate is the first ever hybrid live/virtual event held at The White House. Hosted by President Joe Biden, the Summit convened 40 world leaders and 150+ guests and speakers virtually via Zoom and in person in the historic East Room. 

Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, and Secretary of State, Blinken, brought together leaders from around the globe, his Holiness the Pope, Bill Gates, NGOs, and state and local officials representing 90% of the world’s GDP, making commitments for the future of our planet.


Working closely with the State Department, Castle Point Productions and Digital Cinema Collective partnered with Showcall and Hargrove to bring this groundbreaking event to life.  


Behnam was Creative Director and Enzo provided post production as part of the DCC team.

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